Apr 162014
Flower and Foliage - Bloom Day April 2014

I’m not surprised that time got away from me this month.  I feel like I’m one-half kid-entertainer (it’s spring break, so we’re filling the time with bicycling, canoeing and numerous play-dates), one-half chicken farmer (we added 10 new chicks last week), and one-half propagation expert (OK, amateur).  Did I mention the half that is ripping [...]

Mar 162014
Foliage Followup - Daphne 'Jacqueline Postill'

Even though today’s Foliage Followup has lovely scented flowers, I’m posting it to help you identify Daphne bholua ‘Jacqueline Postill’ by its wavy foliage.  It is a hardy evergreen variety that is fairly tall and narrow, receiving RHS’s Award of Garden Merit.  Interestingly, the bark is used for paper-making in Nepal.  A self-pollinating seedling from [...]

Mar 142014
My Library List

Frequently, I come across garden and horticulture books that deserve more than a cursory thumbing-through.  They are full of information, well written, and inspiring.  You’ll be able to figure out what’s on my mind at any given point in time as I add new books to this list.  Pour yourself a cup of coffee, pet [...]

Mar 062014
Crocus Celebration

At the end of yet another dreary Seattle winter, I understand why us hardcore Hort-Heads sally forth without any regard for the pouring rain just to look at tiny, ephemeral flowers.  I was delighted to attend the early-spring invitational Snowdrop Stroll at the 7-acre Dunn Gardens, an Olmsted- designed country-garden located in Northwest Seattle.  By [...]

Mar 042014
Best Vegetable Choices for the Small Garden

I’ve been following a local food-garden-life blog, Northwest Edible, for a number of years because it’s just so darn readable.  Erica’s posts are well researched, thoughtfully put together, and extremely funny.  Something I aspire to achieve.  When I was asked to contribute a guest post, I was honored to be a part of her world, [...]

Feb 242014
How to Attend a Garden Show - Part 2

Well, I’ve been hit with that one-two punch of the hell that they call mid-winter school vacation combined with a rip-roaring head-cold that filled the wastebasket with tissues. I have now received my heavenly reward with both of the little-monsters back at school and a large cup of coffee, a purring cat, and an undisturbed [...]