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Ecological Small-Space Garden Design


Tilth’, or ‘Tilthe’, is an old English word used to describe the condition and quality of the soil. Soil with good tilth has spaces for the movement of water and air. It gives you breathing room, time to observe, think, and let ideas flow. It allows you to put down roots and reach the sun. It is more than the cultivation of the soil; it is the cultivation of one’s soul.

The owner pruning a rose

Garden Labor, Weeding, Master Pruning, Maintenance, Removal


Container Design, Installation, Irrigation Setup, Seasonal Maintenance

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Vegetable and Fine-Gardening Coaching, from seed starting to harvest.  Special projects from cold frames to chicken coops.

Landscape Design | #eTilth

Consultations, Site Analysis, Landscape Design, Concept Drawings

Primroses in spring | #eTilth

Plant Selection, Planting Plans, Installation

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Public speaking, photography, publications
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