eTilth_Hipster_Logo_mini is a broad name chosen to encompass a variety of endeavours including a sustainably-managed fresh-cut flower farm right in the Broadview neighborhood in Northwest Seattle.

We use no pesticides, use only organic fertilizers such as Dr. Earth brand, and use mulches and composts provided by our chickens to help conserve water. We provide you with an eco-friendly and socially responsible alternative when choosing fresh flowers.

Grace has get-your-hands-dirty experience in front-yard flower farming providing unique blooms for select local florists, event work, and hyper-local CSA Bouquet subscriptions.  Our flowers are available through a neighborhood CSA delivered by our oldest son via bicycle, a front-yard farm-stand manned by our youngest son, and at select florists throughout the area.

She is working on plant breeding and perennial trials, and volunteers with the Hardy Plant Society of Washington and is a founder of the Lincoln Elementary School Garden in Wallingford.  She is also available for container design installation and landscape design master-plan consultation.

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